About us

The European Network of World Heritage Associations is a union of associations and initiatives that regularly exchange information and experience about the World Heritage. The aim is to raise general awareness of European World Heritage, to advocate its protection and conservation, and to discuss common issues and topics using an open and transparent approach.

We are committed to:

  • providing information on the importance of the World Heritage Programme
  • promoting innovation and best practices in World Heritage management
  • raising public awareness in World Heritage Sites
  • promotion of the dialogue of all responsible stakeholders of World Heritage Sites, improving communication and disseminating the values of World Heritage Sites
  • promotion of careful and highly quality sustainable tourism
  • improving the possibilities for the perception of the World Heritage Sites

Our activities include:

  • exchanging experience, knowledge and best practice
  • raising awareness, information and education about World Heritage Sites
  • contribution to economic, social and environmental sustainability in the context of the European World Heritage

promotion of tourism products and services